Move Action

Move Action 2.5

Use your webcam to detect movements


  • Allows you to use your webcam as a security cam
  • Captures images for comparison


  • Configuration complicated for beginners


Move Action is designed to allows your webcam to detects motion and set it up as a security camera.

This can be used to trigger a blocking mechanism on your PC or signal an alarm. Alarms can either be sent via e-mail or even text to warn you of intruders. The PC blocking function works by blocking your PC and requiring a password to access it again. It can also save webcam shots in JPG format and then send them submit them by mail or transfer them by FTP, play a sound file or run external applications. However, as impressive as this is, the most intriguing feature of this program is that it can compare two images captured at different intervals. This way you can monitor a site without having to look at the videos on the camera constantly. This saves you sitting there for hours on end monitoring and is great if you need to use evidence to prosecute or charge someone.

A great little program for those concerned with security although the configuration is rather complicated.

Move Action monitors your webcam and can take some action when movement is detected. The action could be to lock your PC (requiring a password to reactive it), save a JPG image to disk or run an external application.

It checks the webcam at particular intervals and compares the current image with the previous one. If there is a significant change detected between images the program will take the configured action(s).

Move Action


Move Action 2.5

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